White dog collar on yellow striped background


Our furry friends need gifts too, and while your dog would probably love another stuffed animal, get him or her something that will benefit both of you this year.

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The Halo dog collar is a wireless GPS device built into the collar so you always know where your pup is. usually, Halo collar 3 It’s $699 USD but from now until November 29th, you can get it for $100 off at $599 USD by using coupon code BLACKFRIDAY* at checkout.

This high-tech collar has features like real-time GPS tracking, activity tracking, 24-hour battery life, and a companion app. In the Halo app, you can create virtual fences that will make the collar beep or vibrate if your dog goes out of bounds.

The built-in activity tracker shows you daily activity charts, as well as how long your dog has been walking, resting, and more. It’s also waterproof, so rest assured if your pup likes to get in the water, the collar will still work.

The collar comes in four different colors: black, white, yellow, and pink, as well as two size options depending on your dog’s age and weight.

Keep tabs on your dog this holiday season with this high-tech treat Halo collar 3. The code only works until Wednesday, November 29, so be sure to get yours before then.

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