YoLink speaker and external motion sensor technologypix: power source: Battery operated | Maximum wireless range: 1320 feet | Maximum detection range: 30 feet | color: gray and white | Connection: Wifi

Road alarms work by triggering an audible alert in your home when a sensor detects movement outside. However, personally, I prefer a silent alarm, like a phone notification, since I have three kids and a dog and don’t need any more noise in my house. Therefore, I prefer smart alarms over traditional alarms.

Yolink’s road alarm is the best smart option because it does not require a specific home automation system to be installed or purchased separately. It comes with a receiver that connects to your Wi-Fi network and the sensor mounted outside.

The receiver works like all other driveway alarm receivers, except it is Wi-Fi enabled. When you install it, you can connect it to the Internet, and you will receive mobile notifications of any motion detection.

The Yolink driveway alarm can be integrated with Alexa or IFTTT and has a customizable sound. You can also set up personalized Halloween announcements by uploading an MP3 file and setting it as an alert.

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