Lenovo Chromebook Duet 3 RsI Specifications: Width: 10.9 inches, 2K (2000 x 1200), IPS, touchscreen (400 nits) | Healer: Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c 2nd generation | storage: 64 GB or 128 GB | memory: 4 GB | Cameras: Front 5 MP, Rear 8 MP | Weight: 1.14 pounds | Dimensions: 10.16 x 6.48 x 0.31 inches | Links: 2x USB-C 3.2 Gen 1, pogo-pin (for detachable keyboard) | battery: 12 hours

The recently launched Lenovo Chromebook Duet 3 is an affordable tablet with a display that is supposed to be separate from its body. Lenovo has made two notable upgrades with this 2022 model: a larger 11-inch display and an additional USB-C port. The former is only an inch larger than its predecessor, but it’s still noticeable and great for entertainment, web browsing, and basic work.

The 2-in-1 Chromebook concept remains as compact and portable as ever. You can expect a kickstand and keyboard to come with this tablet, making it a portable work companion rather than just a tablet.

review: Lenovo Chromebook Duet 3 review: One of the best budget Chromebooks just got better

Wan said this tablet impressed him just as much as some of the more expensive Chromebooks on the market: “The Lenovo’s 64GB of internal storage is actually enough for a Chromebook, even if you plan to download a dozen or so apps.”

The Duet 3 panel has a 2000 x 1200 resolution – Lenovo calls it 2K – which is a pleasure to look at. It also has an integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 processor and 4GB of RAM. All of this means you can expect a streamlined user experience that will get the job done with basic browser tasks like video playback and multi-window browsing, because at the end of the day, this is a cheap tablet.

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