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The Apple Watch SE (2nd generation) is just $189 for the first time in this early Black Friday deal.

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The latest Apple Watch Series 9 has seen a second price drop following its release in September, and now you can get your hands on Apple’s latest entry-level model. SE (2nd generation), for its lowest price in an early Black Friday deal as well. Right now, the Watch SE (2nd Generation) is on sale for $189 — saving $60 off the wearable’s regular price of $249 at several retailers like Amazon, GoalAnd Best buy. On Amazon, even the larger watch SE (2nd generation) 44 mm It has been discounted to $219 from its original price of $279.

The SE (2nd gen) is already set to drop to $179 at Walmart starting November 22, so if you’re looking to save an extra $10, waiting is still an option. You can add it to your cart now, and check for the price drop next Wednesday.

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But if you’re not looking to risk those savings or sell out, you can get Apple’s latest essential watch for 24% off right now.

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If you’re not looking for the advanced features offered in the newer Series 8, 9, or Ultra and Ultra 2 models, the Watch SE is a great option to buy with all the basics, and you’ll be surprised at how good this model is. To other Apple competitors.

The SE is available in a 40 or 44mm screen size and offers users up to 18 hours of battery life and 32GB of internal storage.

Apple Watch SE (2nd generation) offers some of the same health and safety features as the Series 8 and Ultra, though it doesn’t track your blood oxygen, do an ECG, or check your temperature.

Additionally, this model isn’t dust-resistant and the glass face isn’t made of crystal like the Series 8, so it’s not shatter-resistant. Although the face looks exactly like the Series 8, the screen is actually about 20% smaller, so it has slightly thicker black bezels around the edge. It also doesn’t have an always-on display.

ZDNET Editor-in-Chief Jason Hainer noted that the SE (2nd generation) makes a great smartwatch that can be given to someone who doesn’t have an iPhone, like a child or an elderly family member, using Apple’s Family Setup.

“If you’re new to the Apple Watch, trying it out for the first time, and aren’t sure you need the latest health sensors, the Apple Watch SE is a great place to start,” Hainer says.

If you’re looking to score deals on other watch models, both the Series 8 and Series 9 are seeing major savings ahead of the holiday rush. The S8 is $100 off right now and the S9 has its lowest price of $329.

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