You don’t have to be deeply invested in technology to know how popular the Samsung brand is. Over the past decades, the Korean tech giant has dominated many consumer markets, including cell phones, kitchen appliances, home entertainment, and more. So, when the holiday shopping season comes around, one thing’s for sure: you’re guaranteed to find deals on various Samsung products, including ones you didn’t know existed.

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Ahead of official Black Friday, I’ve rounded up the best early bird deals you can take advantage of right now, which include savings on the latest Samsung phones, TVs, tablets, washers, dryers and more. The list includes offers from every major retailer and Samsung’s own website, so there are plenty of options for you to spend more flexibly. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

The best early Black Friday deals 2023 for Samsung

  • Current price: $2,400
  • Original price: $3,100

I tested the Samsung S95C TV just a few months ago and noted how far the company’s OLED technology has come. to watch Avatar: Road water On the TV, the scenery was great, with dark scenes, in particular, rich in detail and contrast, and brighter scenes were visually stimulating.

The 65-inch model, included in this deal, was just the right size for my living room, but Samsung offers the S95C in a smaller 55-inch frame if preferred.

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  • Current price: $1,500
  • Original price: $1800

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 isn’t the newest foldable phone on the market, but it’s one of the best. The device comes with a 6.2-inch external display that’s ideal for quick tasks and messaging and a larger 7.6-inch internal display that’s great for multimedia consumption. In a way, you are paying for the smartphone And tablet.

Compared to competitors, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 delivers a level of maturity and refinement beyond that, with premium materials, improved durability and well-optimized software for multitasking. Right now, you can buy Samsung’s phone-to-tablet foldable phone for $300 off.

  • Current price: $500
  • Original price: $700

Samsung may be best known for its TVs, but the M80C is a little different from its usual offerings. The M80C is a smart display, which means you can hook it up to a desktop or laptop computer in an office space, and when you’re done for the day, you can come back and switch it into TV mode.

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The M80C comes in a convenient 32-inch frame with built-in speakers and Tizen OS, Samsung’s TV software, for quick access to streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Max, and more. And now you can get one for $200 off.

  • Current price: $679
  • Original price: $999

If you’re looking for a new washing machine, Samsung has the 4.5 cu. This foot unit is great for high volume cleaning and has a ton of smart features. For example, the washing machine comes with Vibration Reduction+ technology which, not surprisingly, reduces the noise typically associated with more powerful washing machines. There is also built-in self-cleaning to eliminate any remaining bacteria from worn-out clothes.

Samsung is selling the washing machine for $320 off during its pre-Black Friday sales. This is a 32% discount and the device is eligible for next day delivery in select zip codes.

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  • Current price: $200
  • Original price: $240

My best tech investment this year has been an external SSD, which I use to store all the photos and videos I take over time. This device from Samsung is one of the company’s latest releases, the T9 Portable SSD, and not only does it pack a 4TB capacity boost, it boosts read and write speeds by up to 2,000MB per second.

The T9 Portable SSD is portable, great for content creators and users who just want more secure physical storage, and can be had now for $40 less than retail.

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More early Samsung deals for Black Friday 2023

The official date for Black Friday 2023 is November 24, 2023, the day after Thanksgiving.

However, as has been the case for the past few years, manufacturers are offering their best holiday discounts weeks, if not days, in advance.

ZDNET only writes about deals we want to buy – devices and products we want, need or recommend. Our experts searched for deals that were at least 20% off (or rarely on sale), using price comparison tools and trackers to determine if a deal was actually on sale and how frequently it would drop.

We’ve also reviewed customer reviews to see what matters to real people who already own and use the deals we recommend. Our recommendations may also be based on our own testing – as well as extensive research and comparison shopping. The goal is to provide the most accurate advice to help you shop smarter.

ZDNET will be rounding up the best deals for Black Friday, including phones, laptops, TVs, headphones, robot vacuums and more. Right now, get the best deals here:

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