If you’re already jumping on early Black Friday deals for the reader in your life before the holiday season, you’ve certainly considered buying them a Kindle. Whether you use your e-reader to read novels on the go, shake up your magazine subscriptions, or consolidate space by packing thousands of titles into one compact device, Kindle e-readers are portable reading powerhouses. Plus, they’re the pinnacle of pocketability – much easier to carry than paperback books.

You can store 250 to 300 eBooks on 1GB of available storage space on your Kindle, according to Book Buff. Let’s say you bought the standard Kindle Paperwhite, one of the most popular Kindle models. The standard model comes with 8GB of storage, so you can store 2,400 eBooks on the eReader, and more if you upgrade your storage.

There are a few Kindle models that serve different use cases, such as the Kindle Scribe, which doubles as a digital notebook, or the Paperwhite, which offers a thinner design, a water-resistant screen, and up to ten weeks of battery life.

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Whether you choose the original Kindle model or a newer model with features, you can take advantage of deals and sales on a select number of models and bundles now, before Black Friday. The Amazon-a-palooza sale started on November 17, and there are plenty of sales to be had on Kindle devices of all types. We’ve rounded up early Black Friday Kindle deals worth your attention.

  • Current price: $276
  • Original price: $420

Unlike other Kindle models, you can read And Write on this one. Annotate your favorite novels, take notes during class, or improve your drawing skills with the Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle. The Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle comes with a basic stylus for drawing, a fabric cover with a magnetic attachment, and a power adapter. The Scribe is front-lit, glare-free and has the longest battery life of all Kindle models, so you can spend weeks drawing and reading and minutes just thinking about recharging.

  • Current price: $238
  • Original price: $258

You can get one of the most popular Kindle models for $20 off right now. The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition comes with some extra features, like a wireless charging dock and a fabric cover to protect your e-reader. Store thousands of books on the device and spend weeks reading them before you even think about recharging.

  • Current price: $245
  • Original price: $265

If you’re interested in getting a Paperwhite but want one with a leather cover, the Signature Edition Essentials Bundle comes with a gorgeous maroon leather cover, and is currently $20 off. Additionally, the package includes a wireless charging dock, ad-free Wi-Fi, and 32GB of storage. A single charge gives you 10 weeks of reading, and the 300 ppi glare-free display is ideal for reading in sunny or shaded weather.

  • Current price: $100
  • Original price: $120

Get your child a book lover early with the Kindle Kids e-reader. The e-reader features a high-resolution 300 dpi display, twice the storage capacity of the previous model, and up to six weeks of battery life. This tablet prioritizes reading and reading only with no apps, videos or games available for download. And if you’re worried about your child spilling juice on the tablet or dropping it, Amazon has no-questions-asked alternatives.

  • Current price: $135
  • Original price: $150

Maybe you don’t want all the features that come with more advanced Kindle models, like the Paperwhite, Scribe, or Oasis. Maybe you just want a pretty device for easy reading — oh, and a cover for extra protection. The Kindle Essential bundle takes the main e-reader and adds a case and power adapter. The original Kindle has 16GB of storage for thousands of books and a battery life that lasts up to six weeks.

Best Kindle Accessories Deals

Black Friday falls on November 24 this year, and many of your favorite big-box retailers, like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart, are lowering their prices on products during Deal Day. While Black Friday technically takes place on November 24, many major retailers are running deals throughout the month.

ZDNET only writes about deals we want to buy – devices and products we want, need or recommend. Our experts searched for deals that were at least 20% off (or rarely on sale), using price comparison tools and trackers to determine if a deal was actually on sale and how frequently it would drop.

We’ve also reviewed customer reviews to see what matters to real people who already own and use the deals we recommend. Our recommendations may also be based on our own testing – as well as extensive research and comparison shopping. The goal is to provide the most accurate advice to help you shop smarter.

Now you can save $60 on the Kindle Scribe Essentials bundle. The package comes with a cloth sheet, a basic pen and a power adapter.

ZDNET experts have been searching for early Black Friday deals across sites like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Newegg, and more. Here are the top deals we’ve found by category so far.

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