The TourBox Elite is very comfortable

Adrian Kingsley Hughes/ZDNET

I try to do as much work as possible on my laptop. the MacBook Pro Powerful enough to handle almost every photo or video editing task I can throw at it, and it’s self-contained, meaning I only need the laptop and I’m good to go.

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As such, I was wary of adding other “tools” to the equation. I don’t use a mouse as I find a trackpad convenient, but I do use a graphics tablet – either a Wacom Intuos Pro Or a Wacom One – For more complex works, often touch-ups of images.

But lately I’ve been using a gadget — a controller, to give it its proper name — that has quickly become worth its weight in gold. and that is TourBox Elite Controller.

Touch Box Elite

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Torbox Elite

Forget keyboard shortcuts, TourBox Elite is the most intuitive way to control your photo and video editing applications. Whether it’s brush control, video and audio editing, image processing, parameter calibration, or tool switching, it has you covered.

TourBox Elite technical specifications

  • External matter: stomach muscles
  • Button material: PC (polycarbonate)
  • Disc and wheel material:Double injection molded from polycarbonate and TPU
  • Haptic engine:Linear actuator
  • Connection: Dual-channel BLE5.0 and USB-C cable
  • Compatibility: macOS10.11 and later, Windows 10 and later (Windows 7 and 8 are supported with additional drivers)
  • Dimensions: 116 x 101 x 44 mm
  • Weight: 376 grams without batteries, 426 grams with two AA batteries
TouchBox Elite buttons and dials

TourBox Elite buttons and dials


As for the software you can use with the TourBox Elite, well, the sky’s the limit! Think of any photo or video editing application, drawing package, browser, or audio application, and the TourBox Elite will support it. I’ve tested it with big-name software packages from the likes of Adobe, DaVinci, and Apple, and have had no issues at all.

It just works.

Installation was quick. You can download and install the software, run it, and choose whether you want to connect your TourBox Elite controller using a cable or Bluetooth.

I chose to use the controller in a wireless configuration and the entire setup process was very smooth on my Mac; The time since opening the box and turning it on was less than five minutes.

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On a desk, the TourBox Elite controller has enough weight – and adequate rubber feet – to keep it in place during use, and the shape fits the hand like a glove, and is really comfortable to use, even for long periods. Rigidity on the desk is a must, and it’s good to see that this isn’t an issue. If this controller was sliding around the desk, that would be a deal breaker.

The TourBox Elite is very comfortable

The TourBox Elite is very comfortable

Adrian Kingsley Hughes/ZDNET

Now, the next thing you’ll notice is that it has a lot of buttons and dials. Many of them.

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This may seem daunting at first, so I recommend diving into the software and taking a look at the presets. I’ve had a lot of experience using gaming mice and controllers that simply have buttons, so it didn’t take long to get used to, but even I felt the weight of trying to remember where every button and dial was, let alone configuring each one to a specific task.

The software gives you a glimpse into how much power this controller puts at your fingertips!

The TourBox Elite puts a lot of power at your fingertips

The TourBox Elite puts a lot of power at your fingertips

Adrian Kingsley Hughes/ZDNET

The buttons and dials on the TourBox Elite feel great, offer good feedback, and there’s a vibration feedback motor built into the controller as well, which gives an extra dimension to using it. The keys also have a strong, positive snap action, so not only do you know you’ve pressed a button, but unintended presses are very rare.

Again, this is key. If you’re used to using high-end Macs, PCs, and professional-level peripherals, the last thing you want is a peripheral that looks bad. Again, that would have been a deal breaker.

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I was expecting this controller to feel floppy, but it’s very sturdy and weighty, very well built, and much better than even the best controller you’ll find for a gaming console.

You can make the TourBox Elite as easy to use and as complex as you want, but if this is your first time using something like this, I recommend assigning a few buttons to do specific things and then getting used to those few buttons before adding more. This way, your productivity won’t suffer a bit at first, and you’ll soon reach the point where you start feeling the benefits of the TourBox Elite.

ZDNET Buying Advice

If you spend a lot of time in front of applications like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier Pro, DaVinci Studio, AutoDesk AutoCad, Capture One, or even a Microsoft Office application, and you find yourself doing a lot of repetitive tasks, then you will find… Torbox Elite Priceless. Yes, you have to put in the effort to learn how to use it, but stick with it, because the rewards are definitely worth it.

If there’s one thing I don’t like about the TourBox Elite, it’s how it turns on when using Bluetooth. I was expecting a built-in battery, but instead it uses two AA batteries. This is very old school, but that’s not a deal breaker — the batteries last a couple of months, and I’ve replaced discarded alkaline batteries and used them instead Rechargeable AA batteries.

If you can do without some of the “elite” features, it’s affordable Turbobox New It may be more suitable for you. This has the same buttons and dials but is missing more advanced features like Bluetooth wireless connectivity, haptic feedback, and the ability to control two devices.

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