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A new firmware update for AirTag is currently being gradually rolled out to Apple’s trackers, but getting the latest update and knowing what features are included isn’t as easy as it seems. Apple has reportedly rolled out a new firmware update today, almost a year after the previous one was released.

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Apple doesn’t announce new firmware updates for the AirTag, nor does it allow users to manually download and install the latest firmware updates, but you can check if you already have it.

How to check for the latest AirTag firmware update

You’ll need to pair your iPhone with the AirTag you want to verify.

Open the Find My app to access your AirTag information.

Open an application

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tap on Stuff And find the AirTag you want to verify. the Stuff The tab is located at the bottom of the screen.

Find your AirTag

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Once you find your AirTag, tap With You, located just below the AirTag name. This procedure will display the AirTag’s serial number and its current firmware version.

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The latest update for AirTag is version 2.0.61, which will become available to 1% of users today, with a phased rollout that will complete on November 28. The latest firmware release was in December 2022 for version 2.0.36.

Check the current firmware version of your AirTag

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common questions

What does the new AirTag firmware update include?

Apple’s smallest trackers get firmware updates sporadically, and the company doesn’t announce what new features will be included.

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Without a firmware update, Apple has pushed out iOS updates that improve the AirTag experience. With iOS 17, for example, iPhone users can share an AirTag with another iPhone owner, something that wasn’t possible before.

Once the update is rolled out to all AirTag owners, Apple hopes to roll out the new features or bug fixes included in firmware version 2.0.61.

How do I get the new AirTag update?

There’s no way to know when your AirTag device will get the latest firmware, as you can’t download and install it. All AirTag users can do is keep the device near the iPhone periodically to ensure the latest firmware is downloaded and installed when it becomes available.

Who will get the latest AirTag firmware?

According to Mac rumors, only 1% of AirTag users will get the latest update today. By November 7, this percentage will increase to 10%, then 35% on November 14, and 100% of users on November 28.

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